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How does AGGPAC designate Friends of Agriculture?

The Friend of Agriculture designation recognizes Ohio General Assembly and U.S. Congressional candidates on their views on issues of importance to agriculture and their alignment with Farm Bureau policy. In open seat screenings where the incumbent is not seeking re-election, both candidates, one candidate, or neither candidates in a race can receive this designation after being screened by a committee of Farm Bureau members from counties within that district. A different process if used to evaluate Ohio Supreme Court candidates (see below).

How are incumbents evaluated?

Incumbents are evaluated based on their voting record, an issue survey, and county Farm Bureau member input on their level of engagement. For incumbents to be considered for the designation, they must have a satisfactory voting record on Ohio Farm Bureau Key Votes. The other two components of their evaluation include satisfactory completion of Ohio Farm Bureau’s incumbent survey and a positive review by county Farm Bureaus. Since incumbents have a voting record and performance history, AGGPAC does not interview candidates who are challenging an incumbent. 


How are open seat races handled?

County Farm Bureaus hold local screenings for Ohio General Assembly and Congressional candidates to determine Friends of Agriculture. After a group of members from within the district interview both candidates and discuss priority issues focused on agriculture-specific policy, the screening committee can recommend one candidate, both candidates, or neither candidate.

Are statewide executive-level offices screened?

AGGPAC does not traditionally engage in the executive office races (governor, secretary of state, attorney general, auditor, treasurer). Additionally, AGGPAC does not endorse U.S. presidential candidates. 

Want to learn more about those candidates? Check out the responses below each candidate provided to the 2022 AGGPAC Election Guide.

​Candidates for Statewide Offices
*= Incumbent candidate seeking reelection. ​
Nan Whaley, Democrat
Gubernatorial Candidate Nan Whaley Full Response.pdf
Mike Dewine*, Republican
Gubernatorial Candidate Dewine Full Answers (1).pdf

Attorney General
Jeff Crossman, Democrat
Attorney General Candidate Jeff Crossman Full Reponse.pdf
Attorney General
Dave Yost*, Republican
Attorney General Candidate Dave Yost Full Response.pdf

​Secretary of State
Chelsea Clark, Democrat
Secretary of State Candidate Chelsea Clark Full Response.pdf
​Secretary of State
Frank LaRose*, Republican
Secretary of State Candidate Frank LaRose Full Response.pdf

Taylor Sappington, Democrat
Auditor Candidate Taylor Sappington Full Response.pdf
Keith Faber*, Republican
Auditor Candidate Keith Faber Full Response.pdf

Scott Schertzer, Democrat
Treasurer Candidate Scott Schertzer.pdf
Robert Sprague*, Republican
Treasurer Candidate Robert Sprague.pdf

Judicial Candidates​

Are Ohio Supreme Court candidates reviewed?

Yes . When a judge seeks election to the Ohio Supreme Court, AGGPAC reviews the candidates’ rulings and opinions in cases relevant to Ohio Farm Bureau policy. Based on applicable case review by the committee, Friend of Agriculture designations are awarded to Ohio Supreme Court Candidates.

Check out this Legal with Leah Column for more information: LegalWithLeahJudicialElections.pdf

Want to learn more about those candidates? Check out the responses below each candidate provided to the 2022 AGGPAC Election Guide.

​Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
Jennifer Brunner, Democrat
No response provided
Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
Sharon Kennedy, Republican, FOA 
​Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
Terri Jamison, Democrat
No response provided
​Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
Pat Fischer*, Republican, FOA 
​Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
Marilyn Zayas, Democrat
No response provided
​Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
Pat Dewine*, Republican, FOA 

Ohio Voter Toolkit
Ready to learn more about Ohio's Judicial System and Candidates? Visit Judicial Votes Count for more information, or this Legal with Leah column: LegalWithLeahJudicialElections.pdf

Are you registered to vote? You have until October 11, 2022 for the November 8, 2022, General Election. 

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Did you know you can view your sample ballot here, find your polling place here, and view the election calendar here.  All of the resources are available at the Ohio Secretary of State's Voting and Elections Website

In Ohio, we have three ways to vote in the November Election: Early, Absentee, and on Election Day. 

To vote early, you can visit your county board of elections starting October 12th. There are even extended weekday hours and weekend hours in the weeks leading up to Election Day. 

To vote absentee, you can fill out an absentee ballot request form and return to your county BOE. Your ballot will be sent to you and you can mail your ballot or drop it off at your county BOE by 7:30pm on Election Day.

To vote in person on Election Day, find your polling place at the link above, and bring an ID to vote by 7:30pm. 


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