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Download the May guide to personalizing priority issues today!

What is the Ohio Farm Bureau Monthly Advocacy Planner?
A series of worksheets to help you intentionally plan and track the advocacy work you are doing throughout your network. The January download is used to set goals and intentions for the year, using the downloads from subsequent months to find activities that support your advocacy plan and goals. 

How Do I Use the May Guide to Hosting a Farm Tour?
As the summer season approaches, many legislators will be spending more time in the districts attending events and engaging with constituents--making the next few months a great time to connect. One of the ways Ohio Farm Bureau members can connect with their elected officials and advocate for agriculture is by hosting farm tours. A tour of your farm, a special project, a new endeavor, etc., doesn't have to be an elaborate event, just an opportunity to showcase a unique aspect of your operation and connect with those working on behalf of you. So if you are looking for an opportunity to be an advocate in action this summer, start reaching out now to host an informal tour of your farm and grow your connections. 

 How To Host a Farm Tour

Do you want more information about potential advocacy activities? Come back in June to learn more about how to use social media for advocacy. 

Do you have a goal for 2024? 
Make advocacy part of your plan for the new year!​

Check back monthly as we publish new guides, Advocacy in Action Updates, challenges, worksheets, and information about how to be an advocate throughout your network.​ 

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